Legendary Metal Coins season 6

Created by Drawlab

Legendary Metal Coins are back for season 6! More than 50 thematic coin sets to enrich your gaming collection & make your games shine.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Entering the final days! Another Stretch Goal unlocked and a quick summary
over 1 year ago – Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 08:28:01 AM

Hey everyone,

We're now in the final days of the campaign and thus Kickstarter changed the days to hours, with 72 remaining on the clock! 

Well, 71 hours and 59 minutes but you get the idea

We also managed to unlock the 80k mark yesterday, adding now 1 extra coin of your choice to all custom sets!

You now get 21 coins with your custom sets for 19 GBP

In 1 day we're entering the final-48-hours mark, which is really important! Kickstarter is sending an email to everyone who clicked the Remind me Later button but hasn't backed us yet, so we want to make sure we're looking our best! To do so, we've included a new image with all Stretch Goals that have been unlocked so far:

It's quite a list, isn't it?!

All sets (and add-ons) now include more coins for free thanks to your support! With the final hours reminder we hope we'll be able to add even more coins to all pledges. A good (and very simple) way to help us with that goal, is helping us climb the Kicktraq hotness ladder. To do so simply click here and then click Visit Project.

We also plan on adding more Stretch Goals after the 85K that we believe we can unlock. What would you like us to add? We're open to ideas! 

~Thank you for your support~

     Drawlab Entertainment

Stretch Goal unlocked and more videos!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Apr 09, 2021 at 01:17:48 PM

Hey everyone,

our campaign is now the most funded coin campaign we've ever done and it's very close to become our biggest campaign ever (right now TacTiki holds this title).

As a result, this helps us unlock more Stretch Goals, having now more tokens to every Adventure Token set (the Adventure Potion set, the  Adventure Weapon set and the Adventure pack) each having 13.

The next two Stretch Goals are to increase the coins to Custom Coins and to the Unit coin sets. 

More content  

Tabletop Bellhop has covered our coins in more ways than one. Last time you saw the Unboxing video, this time you can check out the video review they did for the coins or listen all about it on their podcast

Tabletop Bellhop Podcast

Click here to listen to the podcast

You can find more about their content following them.

Photos by Tabletopping

More awesome photos were uploaded today by tabletoping on Instagram, here's just a few:

Make sure you follow them there to see all the content they upload!

That's all for today, let us know what you hope to see in the next days of the campaign.

~Thank you for your support~

      Drawlab Entertainment

More Stretch Goals unlocked and new videos
over 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 10:18:52 PM

Hey everyone,

We've been live for a great week gathering this beautiful crowd of 1,400 supporters and we've already unlocked the first 6 Stretch Goals. And the Social Stretch Goal after the 50 shares gives you an additional Mystery Coin.

Let's have a look on what's been already unlocked:

Standard sets now include 27 coins (11 copper, 9 silver and 7 gold), all backers will receive 2 more coins; the Season 6 Exclusive coin and the Mystery coin from the Social Stretch Goal! You also unlocked the Forged Sherlock set (that gave to backers of Collector sets 3 more coins) and everyone the option to get them during the campaign. 

Next ones in line are the additional gold coin to the Unit sets and the much requested extra coin for the Custom set. 

New Unboxing video!

Check out the new unboxing video by the Tabletop Bellhop

 New video Review- What do we do with Drawlab coins

Check it out for some new ideas from Obsessive Board Game Disorder!

We're also very happy with all the suggestions for new coin sets that you're dropping in the comments section! We're very curious what other ideas we'll read. 

~Thank you all for your support~

     Drawlab Entertainment

New stretch Goals, new reviews and more
over 1 year ago – Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 09:47:33 AM

Hey everyone,

It's the end of the week and we're excited for the next ones to come. 

Since the previous update, 2 more Stretch Goals were unlocked!

2 free coins were added in all Standard sets (including the new Forged ones). Now each set consists of 26 sets instead of 24 including: 10 copper, 9 silver and 7 gold! And we're on our way to add 1 more coin, a copper one for an increase at 27! 

New Reviews

We love finding out what other people think about our games so we send them to reviewers around the globe that are interested to tell us what they think. We are glad they enjoyed the coins so much and you can see, read or hear their reviews on the links below

Meeple Town- video review

Pudgy Cat Games- Written Review with Photos

A review of the campaign with lots of great photos

Desks and Dorks- a podcast

Evangelos sat down with Riley from Desks and Dorks podcast talking about our coins campaign, our newest game Fired Up, Drawlab and much more. We had a great time chatting and we think you'll enjoy listening it. Check it out here:

Click here to listen to the podcast

That's all for today, thank you all for your early support, we had some great first days, unlocking 4 stretch goals already and reaching up to the 2nd position on the Kicktraq Hotlist. We're really excited to see how many more Stretch Goals we will unlock together.

Have a great weekend!

~Thank you for your support~

    Drawlab Entertainment

Day 1 is over- Record broken and 2 Stretch Goals already unlocked!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 06:00:30 PM

Hey everyone,

Thank you all for joining our campaign on Day 1! It is the biggest day 1 of any of our campaigns with more backers (814) and funding (£33,869) than any other campaign! You rock!

Stretch Goals unlocked!

This record helped us unlocked 2 Stretch Goals already.

This means that all backers will get the Season 6 exclusive coin, this will be given only to backers of this campaign and will never be manufactured again after it's done. 

We also unlocked the Forged Sherlock coin set for all the investigators out there!

You can select it as any other Standard set and backers of either Collector set will get these 3 coins in their pledge for free. 

And don't forget, you are already getting a free Mystery coin since you joined the campaign within the first 48 hours so you're getting that one on top 😉

Also, we wanted to thank you for clicking on the Kicktraq image that much, it helped us become the 3rd Hottest campaign of all Kickstarter!

Clicking on the image and then Visit project helps us climb even further

That's all for now, let us know what you think of the Sherlock coin set, it's one we're very interested to see how you'll use. Will you add it in the detective Sherlock games as tokens? Maybe convert them to different investigative games (based on Lovecraft or Dresden files perhaps)? Something else? 

~Thank you all for your support~

         Drawlab Entertainment