Legendary Metal Coins season 6

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Legendary Metal Coins are back for season 6! More than 50 thematic coin sets to enrich your gaming collection & make your games shine.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

We've got a date!
6 months ago – Fri, Feb 25, 2022 at 08:18:46 PM

Hey everyone,

We are happy to finally be able to confirm that we have an update for the shipping of the coins!

The factory did manage to pack the coins just before the Chinese New Year but it was too late to organize a shipment in time since pretty much everyone was trying to do the same. When the factory reopened we started procedures immediately to book a shipment. It took longer than expected to organize the shipment but we now have arranged that everything is going to be leaving the factory on the 26th of February.

The coins are packed and waiting for the track to pick them up. After that they will be put in a boat and get directed to the fulfilment houses in USA, EU, UK and Asia to reach you.

Here are all the coins packed in all their glory.

It seems the transit time is a bit longer taking the whole March in transit and arriving in the fulfilment houses in early April. 

When they arrive, the orders will be assembled (which will probably take about 3 weeks) and then shipped to you. 

In the meantime we have also completed our part of the production in Greece and have already shipped them to the fulfilment houses where they've already arrived at. 

This is what the current timeline looks like:

EU : Backers will receive their coins May 1st-May 25th

UK: Backers will receive their coins May 10th-May 20th

USA :  Backers will receive their coins between mid April 20th- and mid May 

Rest of the World: Backers will receive their copies during May 

Dates are subject to change, since international shipments are still quite volatile with ongoing changes but we are working with the best to ensure they will arrive without any unexpected problems. 

Expect the next update next week after we have confirmed that the coins are on the boat!

Thank you all for your support and our patience!

~Thank you for your support~

     Drawlab Entertainment

Happy 2022- Project status: The coins are ready
7 months ago – Fri, Jan 14, 2022 at 11:14:07 PM

Hello everyone,

Happy 2022 to you all! 

We wanted to post a new update for you, since the coins are now all manufactured and we are now packing the coins.  This is of course no easy task since there are a lot of coins and a lot of different orders as well. To make sure everything is packaged correctly the assembling team is double-checking everything which makes things a bit slower. Here are some footage of the coins in production or assembly:

Atlantis silver coins ready and bagged
These are just the cards that we will use for the packaging of the coins for the stores

We are confident that the coins will all be packaged by the 20th of January and then we will ship them to the fulfilment houses around the world. As you may remember, in this campaign we made coins in both Greece and China. The final coins from Greece will be in the fulfilment houses in early February. The main issue now is that shipping coins out of China before the Chinese New Year (February 1st) is tricky because of the high demand. We are trying to make this happen before the 31st of January but if we don't manage to do that, the coins will leave China between February 6th to February 15th. 

Let me break this down per region to see how the Estimated Times of Arrival look like at the moment:

USA: The coins are going to be shipped from China to Quartermaster Logistics in Florida. It will take 25-40 days for the journey and 2 more weeks after arrival for assembling and shipment. If the coins leave China on the 28th, backers will start receiving them in mid March, otherwise at the end of March or early April.

Canada: The coins will take the same journey as the US coins but they will go to Lion Rampant for local fulfilment in Canada (so that you can avoid any import fees and custom delays). This will cause about a week more for you to receive your pledges, so it will be between end of March to mid April. 

EU: Some of the coins are already in Happyshops, Germany and lots of them will be shipped from China to Germany. We expect them to be all shipping in early March. 

UK: After the coins have reached Happyshops we will forward all coins for UK-based backers to Shipquest in the UK. This will probably take another week to arrive so expect to receive your coins in mid-March.

Rest of the World: Depending the cost and the location the coins will either be shipped from Happyshops or from QML. You will probably start receiving your pledges in late March. 

All the above projections are if everything goes according to the plan. We have done our best to ensure everything will sail smoothly from now on but there can always be some surprises when you are shipping tons of metal around the world.  

To finish on a different tone, we have also been busy at work developing the new designs for the 7th season of the Legendary Metal Coins! Of course we don't plan launching that before we have shipped everyone's coins :) 

We can't wait to show you what we have in store, including something very different! Can you guess what's coming?

Thank you for your support,

Drawlab Entertainment

Manufacturing and shipping update
9 months ago – Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 10:31:37 PM

Hello everyone,

We hope you're all doing well! 

We have had a couple of busy months focused around manufacturing the coins and preparing for the Christmas season and the new games and coins for next year! Unfortunately we also had a ton of work responding to events outside of control affecting production costs, production timelines and shipping. We have done our best to respond to all that and we wanted to give you an update on the current status of production and delivery on the Legendary Metal Coins. 

Just a nice picture to break the wall of text a bit :)


As you might have heard the gaming industry has faced some issues the past few months prices going up in all raw material and freight costs and metal for the metal coins also went up. Things are not too bad though and we're able to operate close to expectations but it did delay our process on  decision making and looking on different options. 

As mentioned in the manufacturing part of our page we would use another factory to get the coins in time if there was a bigger demand than usual and thanks to your tremendous support it did. We wanted of course to be able to have the exact same results and keep our quality at exactly the same standards so we are having daily communication, getting samples from them and adjusting anything needed. We are happy with the progress so far but we also did find some of their silver coins were too shiny (and you don't want that in ancient Greek coins for example) and lost some time adjusting them. We are currently satisfied with all samples and have moved ahead with production but we don't think we will have them all delivered in time. And the major reason for that is the next section, freight shipping.

Freight Shipping and Delivery Dates

This has been the bane of the industry the last few months. Shipping costs have increased 7 times more than we are used to and with the current demand on shipping there are a ton of things that can go wrong; It is hard to get a container to a ship, upon arriving to destination there is a high chance a ship will be stuck in harbor for weeks, there is a higher chance for a shipment to go missing or get seriously delayed, there are extra fees because of the holiday season and Covid almost everywhere and in general there is a chaos. 

As you can understand it is very hard for us to commit to shipping in time and we decided to make the shipments in January. This guarantees that we will avoid the busy shipping period, minimizing mistakes and avoiding delays in all parts of the way. If the coins leave our factories on the 10th of January, they'll be on the fulfilment houses around the mid of February and you will receive them in late February/early March.

We're sorry for the delay and we did all we could to get the coins to you to play in November but also have them in shops for Christmas. The current turn of event leaves us without the new coins for the Christmas season (and less sales) but more importantly not being able to fulfil our promise to you. This also happened with TacTiki earlier this year but we were hoping to be able to send the coins in time.  

We hope you understand that this was not a small decision to make but we are dedicated to deliver you coins of the highest quality and this sometimes takes more time than expected.

~Thank you for your support~

   Drawlab Entertainment

New footage- coins getting ready
11 months ago – Sat, Sep 25, 2021 at 02:45:38 AM

Hi everyone,

We are back with a new update since production is advancing and we have more cool pictures for you!

Today we have a new samples from production in our hands with more than 100 of the coins reaching the finalized stage of production.

In this step we are checking if anything needs to be altered in the finishing of the coins while proceeding with the mass production. There are a few things that we feel will need some fine-tuning but in general we are very happy with these samples.

We are still in schedule but we are getting worried while listening scary stories about shipping delays and costs going up. As soon as we have accurate estimations on the day the whole production will be complete we will be able to arrange freight shipment to the fulfilment centers around the world that will deliver you the coins. Our plan still is to deliver the coins to all of you in November and we hope that we will make it happen. 

We will update you again as soon as we have news on production and shipping! 

A special offer for you

Today we also have a special offer for you, all the backers of the Legendary Metal Coins campaign. If you follow us on social media or have subscribed to our newsletter you'll definitely know about the Legendary Dice Bags campaign we launched on Gamefound yesterday! 

In the campaign we are presenting our new dice bags and dice sets. We are very proud with them since they are both durable and have a velvet feel but we are working with some really talented illustrators that did a fabulous job illustrating them. 

We have designed the Legendary Dice Bags with the coins also in mind since you can fit 120 Legendary metal coins (4 sets) in 1 bag or even store the coins in thematic bags according to the coin themes!

Click here to check out the campaign

We would also like to offer all the backers of the Legendary Metal Coins campaign our bags with free shipping (worldwide)! If you back the Legendary Dice Bags campaign you have the option to receive them together when they're both ready saving you the shipping costs!

Click here to join our campaign.

Let us know what you think of the production. We hope you're as excited as we are with the progress made!

  Thank you for your support

   ~Drawlab Entertainment~

Production Update
12 months ago – Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 11:26:57 PM

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since our last update, sorry about that.  

Current status

We mentioned on our campaign page that if we needed to do a bigger production we had already arranged a partnership to help us make the coins in the same premium quality without delaying the delivery. After submitting your orders in Backerkit and after receiving orders from distributors and retailers we work with we discovered that we need to deliver about 400,000 coins before the end of the year! So yeah, it's good we had this partnership going already. The first thing we needed to do is make molds for both the new coins and the classic ones. 

Second thing we needed to do is grab and melt some zinc. This zinc will be later cast into coins using the molds:

This is what melting zinc looks like. It's an older photo but a really cool one ^^

After the zinc is in liquid form we are casting it to the mold and this is what comes out:

Afterwards we need to smoothen the coin and plate the corresponding color(copper, silver or gold) and add the enamel on top. 

At the moment it's still not clear when the production will be over, we have encountered some delays that we are resolving now and we're still hopeful that you will all have the coins in November as planned. 

In the meanwhile, our developing team has prepared the new wave of our Legendary Dice Bags! We are really hyped with how they look and we will launch a new campaign for then in about a month on Gamefound, a different platform. You will all have the option to receive the dice bags without any shipping fees if you're willing to combine the orders. Also if you follow the campaign, you will get a free dice set!

Click on the image to see our campaign page and click follow to claim your free dice set!

That's all the news we have for you now. We hope we will soon have news about the shipping, we have already been getting quotes to make sure we won't lose time to arrange.

Thank you for helping us make beautiful gaming accessories!

 Thank you for your support

~Drawlab Entertainment~