Legendary Metal Coins season 6

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Legendary Metal Coins are back for season 6! More than 50 thematic coin sets to enrich your gaming collection & make your games shine.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Update
6 days ago – Mon, Aug 08, 2022 at 06:16:34 AM

Hey everyone,

this is a tough update for us to write since there is still a degree of uncertainty involved, but we promised we will do our best to communicate with you and want to provide all information that we have so far. 

To start with the good news, all coins in EU have been shipped. The same applies to most shipments in the Rest of the World section, filled by Happyshops. If you live in EU and have not received your coins, please get in touch with us to check what has happened (support@drawlab.com).

In the UK we are currently waiting from Gamesquest to update us on the status.

QML update (USA/ Canada/ Australia/ China)

This is the tough part of the update to write. You may recall that we were waiting from QML to provide us their final invoice, pay them and start shipping. We were hoping to receive it last week, start the shipments by the end of it and launch a new campaign (season 7) on Tuesday, August 2nd. 

The invoice arrived on Friday the 22nd and filled us with more questions than answers since it was 65% more expensive than estimated. This is on top of the freight shipping (that if you remember was more than 700% higher than the estimated cost) and the random $3,000 inspection cost at the port.  

Since then, we have made meetings and sent a lot of emails back and forth to understand why the cost was increased so much (65% is crazy) and what we can do about it. I can't go into depth about what their explanation is but it does include charges for extra work they did on the project that we had not agreed on and we now need to pay for. Since we are not a big company, we cannot comfortably just pay this and move on, especially when we feel the costs aren't justified. 

What happens now

With these new data, we have lost any profit that we had from the project and are looking for ways to fund the extra fulfilment cost to send you the coins you ordered. 

The easiest way to do so would, of course, be to ask you for an extra fee to send the coins to you. 

Another option we considered would be to launch Legendary Metal Coins season 7 first and send you the coins after the new campaign is funded. 

We don't like any of the options above so we decided to delay the season 7 campaign till the first week of September while currently trying to raise the funds ourselves from other sources. We will have another update this or the following week on what the outcome of all this is.  

In the meantime, it would mean a ton if you supported our next project with a follow on Kickstarter here.

Finally, to end this wall of text with some images, here is some footage of our coins in the QML warehouse:

~Thank you for your support~

    Drawlab Entertainment

July Shipping Update
29 days ago – Fri, Jul 15, 2022 at 11:54:08 PM

Hey everyone,

we have some news on shipping the coins from all 3 fulfilment houses. Let us share more below.

Happyshops (EU/ Rest of the World)

Happyshops continues shipping the coins to all addresses. There was a bit of a delay this week due to some personal problems of the person responsible in shipping all our orders, but we expect that shipments will be completed next week! 

The Happyshops team preparing packages

Quartermaster Logistics (USA/Canada)

Unfortunately, we are not happy with the progress here. They have received the coins in late May and they were still indexing unti early July. The indexing is now complete but they need more time for tabulation and they expect next week they will be able to quote our final invoice for them and send address verifications. This is very disappointing for us, since we were hoping everyone to have already received the coins. We have made clear what the situation is and how important that delay is to us and to you. They have shown understanding to make the process move faster and even promised to share some footage of their team building the orders soon. We hope we will be able to progress next week with orders getting shipped. 

Shipquest (UK)

Shipquest received the coins last (immediately after the UKGE) and there are new people handling the orders for us, taking a bit longer to coordinate. They now have all the data; we have answered several questions they had about packing and separating the coins and we believe we will have packages shipped from them next week as well.

In conclusion, there were delays in all fonts, but we are confident all coins are going to be shipped during July, hoping the majority to be shipped next week. We are confident Happyshops and Shipquest will be able to ship all the orders and we hope Quartermaster will also do the same. It is a very complicated project for the fulfilment houses due the huge number of SKUs (different products) they have to handle. Have in mind that a typical board game campaign has 3-5 SKUs and we have about 200 (between single coins, coin sets and velvet bags). 

We are ready to show understanding, but we also try to communicate daily and give them clear instruction on how to move the process forward to ship everything to you in time. Unfortunately, we regret that our efforts weren't enough to ship you the coins in the expected timelines but we are trying to make it happen sooner rather than later and we appreciate everyone's understanding in this. 

Because of the new delays, we decided not to launch our Season 7 campaign next week as planned, since we want the vast majority, if not all, of the packages for Season 6 shipped beforehand. As you know we also don't sell the new, Season 6, coins to distribution or through our website before you receive them and we don't want to offer the new ones before that. Despite the great business cost and all the effort we put in until now, the Season 7 campaign will be postponed for either July 26th or early August. 

If you want to learn more about the new campaign, you can subscribe to the new Kickstarter page by clicking the image below:

Thank you for your support

Drawlab Entertainment

The coins are getting shipped
about 2 months ago – Tue, Jun 28, 2022 at 07:57:17 AM

Hey everyone,

we have news for you today! After a few weeks of discussion and a lot of spreadsheet files getting exchanged between us and the fulfilment houses we are more than happy to report that the first parcels of coins have been shipped. Let us share more information below

USA/ Canada

After several iterations of the new coin lists and explaining thoroughly what we need happening with the Stretch Goals, the Mystery coins and the shipments, we now have sent all the files to Quartermaster Logistics according to how they need in order to ship the coins to you. We also noticed that there were some pouches missing before sending the first coins so we were initially planning to split shipment in 2 waves but since it took the full 6 weeks to fix all the files and the bags are ready now, we are thinking of actually waiting the bags to arrive through plane next week and ship them all together. 

We are waiting for QML's response and according to that (and the airplane cost) we will either start shipping coins early next week, with a second wave 10 days later or ship all the coins 10 days later. 

We will post more on that next week.


We have sent the coins to Shipquest. We are building the files needed for fulfilment according to their latest instructions and we expect them to proceed with them asap.

EU/ Rest of the World

Happyshops have started shipping the coins in EU and will continue to do the next week as well. Next regions will follow too. There might be a chance because of an internal error that you will receive a message from them twice about your order getting prepared. If that's the case ignore one of the two messages. If you have changed your address and you receive a mail stating the wrong address you can contact them directly and resolve this. Shipping these coins was really complicated for them and we did have several calls to work through the details (in one of them they informed us that they now see their coins in their sleep) but it seems that we are now all set to ship everything!

Thank you for your patience while we are completing this process. Here is a small reward, a sneak peek on what we have coming next!

That's all for today, we will post more next week according to the information we receive. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

Thank you for your support

  Drawlab Entertainment

Fulfilment update- the coins are in the fulfilment houses
3 months ago – Thu, May 26, 2022 at 01:28:41 AM

Hey everyone,

We have some good news! After a very turbulant few weeks the coins  are finally at the fulfilment houses and deliveries are starting soon.

What a month

EU Shipment

The coins in Happyshops arrived about a week late (on the 28th of April) and since then we've been working with them to build up the sets correctly and clarify what exactly we need shipping. It looks like our project is the most complicated they've done so far but it looks like we are on a good track to start soon. They still have some questions about them and since it is a national holiday in Germany.

UK Backers and UKGE

The coins that are intended for the UK backers have now been shipped to our UKGE booth where they will be delivered to Shipquest to ship to you locally. That also means that if you are in the UK and plan to visit the show you can pick it up from our booth directly (Hall 2-201) but you'll need to e-mail us up beforehand to arrange it. If you are not visiting the show (or simply you prefer it delivered at your home) we will ship it through Shipquest afterwards. 

USA shipment- yet another delay

Thanks to this shipment, we were "lucky" enough to have our first random customs inspection. This really worried us since we have heard of horror stories from other publisher about shipments taking literally 3 months before getting released from customs or costing tens of thousands of dollars. We avoided the worst but the shipment was still stuck in customs for about 2 weeks and we had to pay almost $3,000 for this inspection (that we had no say about- they could literally charge us as much as they wanted).

Having to pay the equivalent of 3 people's wage (in Greece) didn't really help with the shipment of the project and as mentioned we have already lost money shipping the coins (more than $10 per backer) so if anyone can help us it is more than appreciated (check the previous update for more information).

After the shipment cleared the coins were tranferred to Quartermaster Logistics that is now arranging the shipment.  Unfortunately since the coins were delayed and because of the big scope of the project they initially estimated 2-6 weeks to start shipping the coins! We are working towards some solutions to reduce that time for them and it seems they are working.  We'll hopefully have a new update when we return back from the UKGE (June 6th).

That's all the news we have for you. We will be posting more news soon, aiming the week between the 6th and the 10th! 

We have prepared the next campaign (and it's glorious) but we want you to receive your coins before we launch :) 

Thank you all for your support

Drawlab Entertainment

Shipment update- The coins are arriving!
4 months ago – Fri, Apr 22, 2022 at 12:28:58 AM

Hey everyone,

the coins are arriving to the fulfillment centers!

After months of planning, changes and charges, the coins are almost at the fulfillment centers! 

As you know, all the orders are going to be fulfilled either by Quartermaster in Florida, US or Happyshops in Germany. Let's dive into the details below!

Shipment #1- USA: ZIM Rotterdam

The coins heading to North America are currently on ZIM Rotterdam. We're very lucky it left Shanghai before the lockdown which has caused lots of delays and shipping cancelations since then. The situation there is horrible but at least your coins escaped!

It recently went through Panama Canal, and is planned to reach the Jacksonville port on the 27th (initially planned to arrive on the 18th), carrying 6,580kgs of our coins (and games)!

You can track this here.

Shipment #2 to Germany: COSCO Shipping Aries

The second shipment is heading towards Germany, to the Happyshops warehouse who is going to fulfil shipments to EU and Rest of the World.

Currently sailing towards Hamburg, having left Rotterdam. The current ETA is to reach Hamburg on the 23rd (initially planned to arrive on the 14th), carrying 4700kgs of coins (and games)!

You can track this here.

Next Steps

For both locations all documentation has been prepared and pre-approved from our partners so we expect (and hope) that we will be able to clear customs 1-2 days after they arrive. 

After that it takes some time to get to the fulfillment centers, get inventoried and then dispatched to backers. We have already provided the documents with all the backer addresses to the fulfillment centers so they will ship them out soon. Depending the complexity of the project it can take 2-3 weeks for everything to happen and this campaign, because of the Custom sets, is one of the most complicated so we expect to take at least 2 weeks.

Asking for Support

As we have mentioned before, the freight costs have been increased 7-10 times since we were quoted for the project. Thanks to your help we were able to produce a ton of coins and we are really helpful for your support! Unfortunately, the downside is that we now need to pay a massive amount to ship the coins through the ocean. 

We have already brought the coins and have arranged payments but we would appreciate any help you can provide us! For this purpose, we have created a series of T-shirts, Mugs, Mousepads and other accessories that we are adding now to our website. If you can and want to support us, please consider ordering any of the new products (or any of our games or coins in the website) or supporting our Tip Jar.

Click here to see our new merchandise and support us directly

Let us emphasize, you don't need to do it and you will get everything that you ordered, but it will be a great help for us if you do!

We will also post more news about Legendary Metal Coins season 7, stay tuned :) 

Thank you for your support

Drawlab Entertainment