Legendary Metal Coins season 6

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Legendary Metal Coins are back for season 6! More than 50 thematic coin sets to enrich your gaming collection & make your games shine.

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Final week to submit your pledges! Let's see some cool stats
about 1 year ago – Thu, May 27, 2021 at 02:16:58 PM

Hey everyone,

today's update is one we enjoy making! We have gathered your preferences and we can now see which coins are your favorites, how well liked the new designs are and how well our classics hold the test of time! 

Backerkit closing on May 31

We have gathered 1660 responses (76% of the backers), so we do have enough data to see what's happening. We do want to urge the remaining 24% of the backers to complete your pledges ASAP since this is the last week! On May 31st we are locking down Backerkit and collecting payments so if you haven't completed your pledges by then there is a high chance to receive your coins later in the future. If you need help completing your pledge please get in touch through a Kickstarter message or an email at support@drawlab.com.

Custom Sets Issue

Before diving into the stats there is another matter that we wanted to communicate with you. All Custom sets backers get 21 coins for the value of £19. To reflect this on Backerkit we offered £2 to all Custom set backers so that you can select the 2 additional coins of the pledge. To benefit from the discount you'll need to upgrade your pledge to contain at least £21 worth of coins so if you used this credit for a different product or to cover shipping fees your pledge will not be processed correctly. Let us know if you need help fixing that.

Fun with stats

Now with all the technicalities out of the way, let's have some fun with stats! 

Since all backers are able to select individual coins, either part of their custom sets or as Add-Ons, we have collected the data of every coin that was selected additionally. Here's the Top 20!

As you can see by far the most popular coin was the gold coin from the new Forged Dragon set, being selected 307 times! It's very typical seeing gold coins in these charts (9 gold, 7 silver , 4 copper) since we have less gold in each set but also because we try to make the gold coin of each set the most impressive among them. Also we're very happy to see that 9/20 coins are from this new season (mostly Forged coins but also the gold coin from the Norse Gods set are up there). 

This chart is an estimation of the coins that we will need to produce from each set. We've combining all the coins from both the Standard, Custom and Collector Sets and we have compiled the list of the 20 most popular coins, with the new Forged coin sets completely dominating your selections. It looks like we will need to manufacture 18,000 coins of the Forged Dragon coin set and more than 10,000 coins for both the Forged Dwarven and Forged Cultist sets. The new Atlantis coin set and the Adventure Potions are also in the Top-10 with the Norse Gods coin set and the Adventure Weapons being in the Top 10-20 positions.  

It's always important for us seeing that you like the new coins that we make so we're happy that you like them so much. It is also very satisfying seeing coins from our very first season still occupying positions in the list (Pirate coin set, Dragon coin set, Elven coin set, Far East coin set, Orc coin set). 

That's all for today, let us know if you have any questions about the data. Let us know what surprised you! What coin sets did you expect to see in the Top 20 list but are missing? Which ones surprised you being there?

Also, don't forget that the Backerkit pledge manager is closing. Make sure you've completed yours, that your address is correct and the credit card information is completed. Let us know if you have any questions, we're here to help!

~Thank you for your support~

    Drawlab Entertainment

The Pledge Manager is live!
over 1 year ago – Thu, May 13, 2021 at 01:16:56 AM

Hey everyone,

The pledge manager is now live! 

You will find the invitation to your personalized pledge manager link on your mail as well with a link to the guide that we wrote highlighting the procedure.  It's image heavy with examples :)

You can find this guide in our website too, here. Please give it a read before completing your pledge manager, especially if you backed a Custom Set or if you added any Add Ons already through Kickstarter.

We would like to have the information about your pledges as soon as possible so please complete it by the deadline, May 31st.

We have done our best to offer you a smooth experience and we've tested it quite a bit with the help of the Backerkit staff. If you do however find yourself puzzled about anything, just send us a message here or an email at support@drawlab.com

~Thank you for your support~

    Drawlab Entertainment

Post campaign update- Next steps
over 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 01:09:13 AM

Hey everyone,

It's been a week since the campaign ended and we are really happy with the support we got from you. 

The hard work has already began, preparing the molds and getting ready to start the production. At the same time, we're also preparing the pledge manager, Backerkit so let's talk a bit more about that!

Backerkit- Our pledge manager

The campaign might be over but we still need some information from you; you need to tell us what coins you would like to receive and where you want them shipped. To do so in style (especially in campaigns with so much selection as the Legendary metal coins) we use a pledge manager, an external platform where you can make all the selections easily and more importantly safely. 

We have almost completed the process of completing it and we plan to launch Backerkit within the next 2 weeks, probably either April 29th or the 4th of May-  (May the 4th be with you). 

When it's launched we will also post a how-to-use guide in our website to help you out. 

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We have more projects that we believe you will enjoy, including another premium game accessories (not coins) launching during the summer! 

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Kingdoms of Hârn: Kaldor Hardcover

We just backed a cool RPG Kicktarter campaign. Kingdoms of Hârn has been running for years and Columbia Games are now offering a cool hardback. If you enjoy fantasy RPGs as much as we do you need to have a look on that, just make sure you do so fast since the campaign ends tomorrow. 

That's all for now, let us know if you have any questions.

~Thank you for your support~

     Drawlab Entertainment

New Stretch Goal unlocked just a few hours before the campaign end
over 1 year ago – Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 06:12:00 AM

Hey everyone,

We're really excited since hours before the campaign ended we reach yet another Stretch Goal, giving all backers one more Mystery Coin. Let's see now the updated card with everything additional you get as backers.

New Video

In the final day of the campaign we're happy we have another reviewer's opinion on our coins, this time they are featured in Quick Bit by Tabletop Rebellion.

Thank you once more for your support. Make sure you also check out the action on our Facebook page, we're still running the popularity polls to see which of our new coins is the most popular and we plan to do a livestream video in a few minutes.

Thank you for your support,

Drawlab Entertainment

Final Days- More Stretch Goals revealed (and unlocked)
over 1 year ago – Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 12:21:18 AM

Hey everyone,

We're in the final day, with less than 24 hours remaining!  Since our last update we managed to unlock another Stretch Goal and we have now revealed 2 more that we are hoping we can unlock with your help!

Unlocked Stretch Goal- More Copper coins to Unit sets

Every backer will now receive an additional copper coin to their Unit sets for a total of 33 coins per Unit set (20 copper, 9 silver and 4 gold)! This applies to both 3-tiered and 6-tiered sets. 

The next 2 Stretch Goals that we have our aim at are:

- More Mystery coins: If we unlock this all backers will get another Mystery coin regardless of their pledge level!

- More Adventure Tokens: This includes another token in every of the 3 different Adventure sets!

Final push

We have planned to do some heavy promotion the final day to try to unlock both these Stretch Goals. If you'd like to assist us in this goal, you can share this project to your friends or groups one last time or click on the Visit Project icon on Kicktraq to help us get more visibility. 

We're really excited with how successful this campaign has been already and it's all thanks to your amazing support!

~Thank you for your support~

    Drawlab Entertainment